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The Native Family Trees Research Center was created to help those who are looking for their Native American ancestors.

We have over 40 years of extensive experience in researching Native American families, their documents, their family trees, and their migration patterns.

There is also a DIY WORKSHOP section available for those of you who want to start researching your tree on your own. In the DIY WORKSHOP you can find a blank tree to get started -- and tips to help you figure out what to do -- depending on what your needs are.

Don't know how to recognize if a person was Native or not? That's where our extensive knowledge comes in.

Don't know how to find those ancestors? Our research service is affordable at about half the cost of usual genealogy services. Just contact us --

We have helped thousands of people find their Native American ancestors. Our reputation -- for being able to find records that nobody else can -- is well known by so many who have contacted us over the years.

We've often been told by our clients -- that they've looked for years for a specific record, and we've managed to find it, sometimes even while the person was giving us details over the phone!


We cannot find records for events that did not happen. So for example if someone did not get married, we can't find a record for their marriage.

We cannot guarantee you will get registry with a particular group or organization, since each org has specific requirements and represents or provides a service to a certain type of Indigenous community or group. We can only try to get the records to prove you have Native ancestry. Application for service or registry is up to you.