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The legacy of residential school left huge trauma effects on multiple generations of Indigenous people. The governments' general ideas were that Indigenous peoples' culture and languages were less worthy than that of the settlers. Removal of children from their families and communities and punishing them for speaking their languages, and even connecting with their siblings or friends in residential school, as well as removal from family situations and being raised by authorities that punished the children, sometimes very severely, left generations of Indigenous people with disconnected relationships to their families and communities, feelings of hopelessness, despair, and generational trauma passed onto their children.

There is evidence that there was/is also systemic removal of Indigenous babies and children from their families, and placement in the homes of settlers, to purposefully remove their ties to Indigenous families and culture.

There was a mass removal referred to as "The 60s Scoop" when in the 1960s many adoptions occurred. There are still many instances of forced removal today, with many Indigenous children in the foster care system.

Because many adopted persons either do not know their origins or they did not suspect until recently that they are Indigenous, we have had numerous calls asking for assistance with finding information for Indigenous adopted persons.

We've helped many adopted persons by finding documents to prove their biological family was Indigenous. We've also done research to help lawyers prepare for court cases involving keeping children out of the foster care system, by helping families prove they are Indigenous.