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The Native Family Trees Research Center has the best track record for helping people with their family trees and finding their proof documents. Our specialty is finding records that nobody else has found yet!

We have over 40 years of extensive experience in researching Native American families, their documents, their family trees, and their migration patterns.

Our research service is affordable too -- at about half the cost of usual genealogy services.
Just contact us at --


We only do 5 hours of research at one time, then send you everything found in that time. That way you can judge for yourself whether your money was well spent.

First, we send you a PayPal invoice for 5 hours of time, which is easily paid using online banking (or you can send us a cheque if you prefer, made out to Native Family Trees -- but it will take time to arrive and time to clear).

Once paid, your file goes into the research queue. When it swims to the top, we do the research, then send you everything by email (unless you indicate you'd like it by snail mail).


Depending on what you have hired us to do, we will send the results for the 5 hours of research work we did. This might include a family tree compilation, archived records, family photos, or any other information we have found about your ancestors, but we will send whatever we have found in that 5 hours of time.


A family tree compilation for persons with Canadian ancestors usually takes 5 hours, but can take longer if there are major roadblocks that need solving, or if your family ancestry leads to the maritimes or the US. In any case, your tree compilation will be filled as much as possible in those 5 hours. You can then decide if you want more time (if needed).

Getting documents to prove a Native ancestral line usually takes 5 hours, but can take longer if there are major roadblocks that need solving. So if you haven't found that one record and call us, we might find it in 5 minutes, we might find it in 5 hours, or we might not find it at all.

Sometimes the only proof document that's missing is a notary record, which in many cases can only be found by going to a microfilm library in a large city. Many times this record has not been found by anyone else, and sometimes the information in a marriage notary record can reveal things that nobody has known before. This does incur cost for parking and travel as well as time, but it's still cheaper than if you need to travel yourself to try to get that record. Also, the process for using microfilm libraries is complex and difficult.


For example, some archives require you to register ahead of time as a guest, and be vetted by government officials before entering the building. There are also time limits for accessing certain collections, requests sometimes need to be filed for other collections, there is the process of getting permissions to use microfilm reading machines, borrowing the films, and in some cases the machines are dreadfully slow, which means it might take hours to get just one record.

So imagine you travel to a major city to do this yourself, find the place, find parking, sign in at the first level only to find out you needed permission ahead of time, or you get to sign in but now you can't find the microfilm you need and once you get that and proceed to the viewing room, you find out you also need a permission slip with password for use of a microfilm reader and you only get access for one hour at a time! By the time you get the reader working, you probably won't find the record you need in that hour. You proceed to ask about getting more time but the place is busy so you need to cede your machine to someone else and wait for their hour to pass.

You then need to go out of the building to feed your parking meter, then enter again, go and get another permission, and perhaps someone now has taken over that machine. Add to this -- if you can't read what's on the microfilm, how will you know when you've found it?

We have been doing this for over 20 years. We know how to get what we need as quickly as possible (and that took much practice!)

Any genealogy work is impossible to predict for time or outcomes. There is no guarantee that your family has Native ancestry, and no guarantee for time it will take or if all records exist. Imagine yourself doing research -- if you were asked how long it would take you, would you be able to answer specifically? Each case is different.


Our promise is that we will use your allotted time wisely, and do our very best to find as much as we can in that time. We work hard for our clients, and they know it. They tell us all the time.

-- OUR GOAL --

Our goal is to find the answers and hand them to you, and that keeps our reputation at the top, and it makes us feel really good about what we do!

We have helped thousands of people find their Native American ancestors. Our reputation for being able to find records that nobody else can -- is well known by so many who have contacted us over the years.

We've often been told by our clients -- that they've looked for years for a specific record, and we've managed to find it, sometimes even while the person was giving us details over the phone!


Before you contact us, please print the BASIC TREE and fill it in as best you can. We need to at least get the couples' names past 100 years from now, since we cannot access recent records for people -- due to privacy laws. We need the maiden names for the women too.

You can email us this information with your request, and we will contact you for further details if needed.