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Inuit and Inuvialuit people are those that come from the northern parts of Canada and Alaska (US) that have been referred to in the past as "Eskimos". The word Eskimo is no longer used as it is considered offensive -- as the word is believed to stem from the Cree term meaning "eaters of raw meat".

Today the Inuit have their own land mass called Nunavut and many speak the language called Inuktitut or identify as "Inuk".

The Inuit people live in arctic or sub-arctic zones that are covered in ice or snow for much of the year. These northern areas are often referred to as the Tundra. This area stretches from the Yukon and Alaska (USA) in the west, across the Northwest Territories of Canada, to Labrador in the east.

Some people with ancestry from Labrador can trace their lineage to Hudson's Bay posts during the fur trade, but these ancestors were most likely Inuk which is not the same group as the Inuit in northern Labrador. Other Inuit in the arctic were apparently part of relocations by government -- and some say this was done to claim parts of the continent as belonging to Canada.

Some families claim they were from other Indigenous groups but were relocated to northern areas during The Great Depression. Most Inuit have been part of Arctic communities for thousands of years.

We've helped several people by finding documents to prove their ancestry or family is Inuit or Inuk.