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Transcription & Translation

So many of the church records for Indigenous

ancestry are written in Old French

language and handwriting, so they're

difficult to read, even for many

French-speaking people.

If you can't read old records, 

I'm here to help.

For a fee I can also provide you 

with a transcript of records

so you can follow along 

with the original handwriting.

And if you can't understand 

the language,

I can also translate the text

for you. Just ask for this service.

Believe it or not, I can read 

the following records -- and that

helps me to break down brick walls

and smash through roadblocks!

I have a reputation for finding records

that nobody else is able to find -- ah

those missing records that people 

strive for years to find!

Contact me today for your best bet

at getting those missing records to 

prove your Indian ancestors!

Association of Professional Genealogists
how to read old french handwriting in records
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